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Inland Waterways Insurance

If you're planning to travel on the inland waterways network, including canals, rivers, lakes and backwaters, either locally across Dorset and Bournemouth, or up and down the UK, we can provide guidance on insurance cover to protect you against potential risks including damage, loss, fire, and theft.

Inland Waterways Insurance can cover not just your boat and its belongings, but also any gear and equipment that you may have in secured storage.

Narrowboats moored along a canal towpath

Here at Nationwide Marine Insurance, we can offer specialised Inland Waterways insurance quotes that encompass comprehensive coverage, including protection against accidental damage, loss, fire, and theft for both your river boat, or canal boat and gear/equipment stored on board or securely locked away. Whether your barge is your home or if it is used for carrying frieght and hevay goods , you will need the right insurance policy to ensure that you are protected against any risks.

We can also include All Risks cover for your contents and personal possessions.

A summary of cover will be sent to you with your hard copy quotation together with a Key Facts and Terms of Business document and any other information deemed necessary to enable you to make an informed decision.

Narrowboat moored in front of stone bridge

Summary Of Cover

  • Legal Protection cover up to £100,000
  • Can include houseboat use
  • Comprehensive All Year Round Cover - On inland and coastal waters of the UK, including transit risks
  • Continental Waterways of Western Europe can be included
  • Protected No Claims Bonus
  • Third Party Liability - up to £3,000,000.
  • Policies written by reputable Insurance companies.
  • Reliable claims service.
  • Insurance Premium Tax - All premiums quoted include Insurance Premium Tax at the current rate.

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